CAD/CAM and Omnicam Technology

Flagstaff, AZ Dentist

When patients visit us, our dentist will do everything he can to improve their experience and care with Hobson Dental Group, PLLC. To help our patients, Dr. Kyle Hobson uses both CAD/CAM and Omnicam technology in Flagstaff, Arizona. By using this at our dental practice, we are able to produce better, more accurate images and restorations for our patients. Call 928-779-0331 for high-quality restorations with the latest treatments today!

Omnicam is a digital impression system that takes accurate, detailed scans of the teeth and mouth. The technology is designed to be easy to maneuver for our dentist, making the overall process more comfortable for our patients. Patients with damaged teeth who are looking for a dental restoration often benefit from the data provided by Omnicam scans.